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08-Jun-2017 19:20

Many people were married when I was in the service, and today most of the couples have dissolved the ties that once bound them.The rumor had spread to Fallujah, Iraq in early 2005 that some of the wives of our unit had been caught running a brothel on our home base in Hawaii.They are then (usually 30 days after arrival) allowed to live with their dependents after duty hours.Single members, of course, cannot move their girl/boyfriends at government expense, nor will they be allowed to live off-base (even at their own expense) at job training locations.The no tax and lower than average shopping experience at the grocery store and base stores are also helpful to the monthly budget.

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This can be a significant and tax free addition to the monthly pay and usually covers the rent or mortgage in full in most situations. Dependents of active duty members are covered by the Military Medical System (Tricare), effective the very first day of active duty.

During basic training in-processing, the recruit completes paperwork to enroll their dependents in DEERS (Defense Eligibility Enrollment System), and for a military dependent ID Card.

Frequent moves and trips, unaccompanied assignments, long working hours, combat deployments, and potentially dangerous work can add to the stresses of married life .

Some units within the military such as special operations tend to have a higher average divorce rate than other military counterparts and civilian society.This means married people in basic training and technical school (if the technical school duration is less than 20 weeks) begins to receive this pay 30 days after going on active duty. Travel entitlements end when one signs in at their new duty station, so whether or not one can be reimbursed for dependent travel depends on the date of the marriage. You will find many people on base in the same position as you and they will become family.

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