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Roger Prater, the driver of the church group's van, noticed a car seat on the side of the Interstate 40.

He initially thought there was a doll inside, but he noticed two feet kicking inside and immediately pulled over and called 911.'You walk up on a baby on the side of the road, and you’re like: "Wow, you think you got it bad,"' Prater said in an interview with 'It was not moving. I thought, "Lord, don’t let this thing be hurt,"' he said.

Anthony, who was commemorated a century later by a poorly planned and short lived dollar coin. A runty, consumptive dandy, originally from New York, he practiced medicine briefly in Wisconsin before coming to Kansas to practice the more lucrative trade of horse stealing.

Probably the most overt Jayhawker of all was Charles R. For years, the lineage of many good horses in Iowa and Illinois was said to be ‘out of Missouri by Jennison.’ While Jennison’s skill at stealing horses was apocryphal, his abolitionist sympathies were clear.

Kansas was the catalyst for the spiraling violence.

In 1854, Kansas was a territory, sparsely settled but a strong candidate for statehood under provisions of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which left the decision of slavery up to the residents of the territory.

But Jayhawkers were very real, indeed, in the days leading up to the Civil War.

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Another was New England-born Dan Anthony, an ardent abolitionist and the brother of suffragette Susan B.A one-month-old baby boy was found on an Oklahoma City interstate with ,500 cash stuffed in his car seat and a birth certificate.