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His ex wife absolutely crippled him Would a girl purposely not contact you to see if youll contact her?If a girl is interested in a guy she wouldnt play that game right? "I have notice that since we met you don't seem as interested anymore and that's okay. IWhy does the dumper still sleep with the dumpee days before dumping the dumpee Hey everyone!!!!Nycole says: I view online dating as an option, just like going to the bar or running into a guy at the grocery store. Right has to be within a 5 mile radius so it just opens up possibilities and gives me a chance to meet men who might be a better fit.The biggest con is that people can lie and create completely fake lives.But that gap is closing in, as more and more people are taking advantage of technology to find love, deep conversation, or “new friends.” (Yeah, we’re not buying that one either, boys.) To say that dating has been flipped upside down, doused in gasoline and set afire next to a Redwood on the hottest day in summer is an understatement. As a bunch of avid daters and technology savvy women, we all have dipped a toe (or two feet) into online dating.Here’s our words of wisdom to guide you to online dating success.Like it’s probably not healthy to disengage from the people around you, but on the flip side I never have to wear makeup to Trader Joe’s again.

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“When you get older every new date more and more reminds me of a job interview.” That being said, there are some real positives to dating in your thirties too.

If you’re new to online dating, it’s exciting — getting emails throughout the day, “interviewing” profiles on the train, at a bar, in the airport, engaging in a dialogue in which no one has spoken.