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Ernesto asks Señorito Confundido about his confusion regarding Esperanza.Obviously, Ricardolt can decline to answer if he wishes to do so. Margarita wonders what she did wrong for things to turn out so badly for her daughter. million dollars in exchange for Murillo’s voice recording.At Casa Guerrero, Esperanza is also sad that her little duckling Pato won’t be filling the house with her pouting, quacking and daffy-ducking anymore.Pato promises her mom that they will never ever be apart.

She tries to score points by gushing over how handsome he looks in his penguin suit and offers her free babysitting services to the kids. Señorito Confundido admits he doesn’t know how things will work out with her mother but he says he cares for Abril all the same. “I love you and my love for you is unconditional and total! Mario is vegging out in bed, hungover and in a vitchy mood. She always looks gorgeous, despite the mostly unflattering wardrobe that has been assigned to her boy has been hanging out with those little girls too much, playing princesses and whatnot, what did you expect? The step siblings were joined in holy matrimony for eternity and beyond.

If La Virgen de la Paz saves Paulo at the last second and he recovers, then this thing will have to be renamed "La Rosa de la Virgen de la Paz." Mario was like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

He should not be able to apologize enough to Viviana for what he put her through.

When he steps out of the living room, she finds the vase of Esperanza’s flowers set right next to hers. When he goes back to the living room, CVV remarks how funny it is that she and her love rival both had the same original idea at the same original time and sent make her wait for him to make up his mind, when only 24 hours ago he was begging her to wait for him to make up his mind. ” he says with sad puppy eyes, if the puppy in question were one of those robots the Japanese are so fond of making. Viviana worries about Salma, who isn’t answering her calls. Viviana retorts that her husband is acting all depressed for some project. CVV had time to read the kids a tale off the juice carton, drink juice with them, make carrot cake slices and start eating them before the service was over.

Ricardolt learns from his kids that the wedding of the millennium will be streamed live on social media. CVV promises that she’ll wait forever for Señorito Confundido! Mario blames Viviana for letting Salma go Lord-knows-where but he doesn’t seem particularly concerned for his daughter because her husband refuses to attend. He jeopardized his marital and family life for this project to supposedly be worthy of his wife church. She thinks to herself that if it weren’t for Kracy, she and Ricardolt would be married Outside church, Ernesto, Esperanza and Ricardolt are awkwardly standing together.Viviana should get out while she is ahead and leave town with BOTH kidneys". I can't believe I'm saying this but the fact Ernesto has reverted back to the dark side means he doesn't deserve the kidney. Diana Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, amigowz! Steve, they can't eliminate that annoying Kracy fast enough Diana, just as we align perfectly on Ernesto, the same goes for our positions regarding Anya and Mario.

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The session highlights why victims of human trafficking need post-conviction relief, Vacatur law and other post-conviction relief, and important considerations for post-conviction legal work on behalf of trafficked clients.… continue reading »

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