Making an application for dating

16-Aug-2017 16:44

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It is that screen you see for a brief period of time when you open any app in your mobile.Often a splash screen is also used to show an animation or visual while some heavy process happens in the background to load the app.To do so, right click on the project folder in eclipse and select properties - Next lets create a beautiful Splash screen for the app.Note : A Splash screen is generally used to showcase the logo or name of your app/company.Knowing Chat app Development will give you the ability to control and create anything on the mobile.We promise you would have never had such kind of learning experience.Google Play services gives you the freedom to use the newest APIs for popular Google services without worrying about device support.

It is estimated that in the next 2 or 3 years more than 80%%%% of the companies around the world will become internet dependent which will cause a huge demand for App developer in this market.

As the World Wide Web grows Chat apps needs to upgraded proportionally.

Learning Chat app Development will give you the opportunity to start ahead of other competitors by giving you the knowledge of the most recent app technologies and how to better apply them on your future projects.

In our case we will be using the Splash screen to showcase the Logo / name of the app.

Let’s create a new class called Splash inside our main package named com.appdupe.flamer. Lets make a view element for this screen by creating a new xml file inside the res - Well, you can add your own background by uploading an image file named splash_screen in the drawable folder. Here we can configure the duration to show the splash screen before the app starts.Each chapter will give you a new level of knowledge in chat app development.