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But if you have a query about one of the circuits, you can contact me. [email protected] To save space we have not provided lengthy explanations of how the circuits work. The other way is to build circuit after circuit and get things to work.

I don't care if you use bread-board, copper strips, matrix board or solder the components in the air as a "bird's nest." You only learn when the circuit gets turned on and WORKS!

Some of the circuits are available from Talking Electronics as a kit, but others will have to be purchased as individual components from your local electronics store.

Electronics is such an enormous field that we cannot provide kits for everything. They think everything they design WILL WORK because their university professor said so.

In all, they are a fantastic way to get something working with the least componentry.

A list of of Integrated Circuits (Chips) is provided at the end of this book to help you identify the pins and show you what is inside the chip.In most cases the IC will contain 10 - 100 transistors, cost less than the individual components and take up much less board-space.