Oprah winfrey and jamie foxx dating

03-Jun-2017 02:00

'All of this gallivanting and all this kind of s–t, that's not what you want to do … Make you understand the significance of what you're doing.'Oprah organized a meeting at Quincy Jones' home where she had assembled a group of iconic African-American stars.'We go in the house and there are all these old actors,' Foxx said. Who look like they just want to say, 'Good luck.' They want to say, 'Don't blow it.'He said Oprah then introduced him to Sidney Poitier, who is the first African-American to win an Oscar for Best Actor.As Foxx tells it, Poiter said: 'I want to give you responsibility …U2’s The Edge on Hope for Haiti quake relief: ‘We have to do whatever we can’Rosie O’Donnell met new gal pal Tracy Kachick-Anders online. Foxx has been linked romantically to Katie Holmes for more than three years. " the actor said, "I got two great kids and stuff like that."Foxx has two daughters, Corinne Foxx, 23, and Annalise, 7, from previous relationships."You've done it all man, you've done it all man, that's enough," Stern said, joking.This is what I say to all of my friends that are in this business; whoever you're dating, don't let anybody know." the Oprah magazine.When asked if he thinks about getting married, the actor said "Of course.""So you want to get married?

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You know what I mean, for real...like, what's going on," asked Stern, who is known for getting his guests to open up and speak more candidly about their personal and even sex lives."It's all good," the actor said."You having fun, man, or what? Stern's sidekick Robin Quivers cut to the chase."You've been out there a long time," she told Foxx. "No man, we can't do that, don't do that."'."I don't know if I'm built for marriage," he said, adding, "I know one thing, I'm a very loving person.

Whoopi Goldberg has better things to think about than Jamie Foxx hooking up with Katie Holmes.