Penguin seal carbon dating

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With respect to shipping losses, Victoria can be considered in three parts - Port Phillip and its entrance, and Westernport, in the middle of the state; the rich pastures of Gippsland to the east, and the beautiful rugged coastline of the Great Oceans Road to the west. We should also consider the Bass Strait islands - King Island, the Furneaux Group and the Kent Group - they are listed separately (and are, incidentally, part of Tasmania). On 4 August 1875, involved in collision with schooner Gippslander, Hobsons Bay, Port Phillip. Hit the Fourth River bar, Tasmania, and continued her journey but dissapered at sea, 1850. In 1870, saw wreckage, possibly ship Harlech Castle. [ASR],[LG],[LPA - built 1865],[LPW - 19 tons],[LV] In 1869, stranded at Lakes Entrance, Gippsland coast; apparently salvaged and returned to service.

Sailed from Launceston for Port Phillip Bay on 23 September 1839 but failed to arrive. Built 1911 as the German yacht Comet; captured by the RAN off New Britain in 1914 and commissioned as the Una. In 1912, towed free the barque Joseph Craig, aground inside Point Nepean, Port Phillip.

As a result of the loss of the Cambridge, ordered to search for a possible minelayer in Bass Strait, 1941.