Validating methods

14-Nov-2017 08:37

It is not intended to be a survey of the big variety of all possible aspects of SV methods but rather a summary of some basic concepts.

Especially, some common misconceptions are mentioned and explored.

Each EPA office is responsible for ensuring minimum method validation and peer review criteria have been achieved.ANSI B101.3 measures dynamic friction at a lower speed than the British pendulum.The ANSI dynamic method is sometimes used, without water, to assess dry friction.Dry slip resistance is not an indicator of wet slip resistance — in fact they often vary inversely — so valid wet slip resistance testing is often needed.

alignleft wp-image-784" style="border: solid black 2px;" src="" alt="BOT3000E Slip Resistance Tester" width="212" height="140" srcset="," sizes="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px" /. It is presently made in the USA by a single manufacturer.These documents describe general principles for determining and demonstrating that an analysis method is suitable for its intended purpose (i.e., yields acceptable accuracy for the analyte, matrix and concentration range of concern).